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Woodard Bay NRCA Park and Access

Construction of an environmentally friendly interpretive center, beach access, and park for Washington Dept. of Natural Resources.

‍Woodard Bay NRCA took advantage of a historically rich but environmentally challenged peninsula of ground in the southern Puget Sound. During the project great care was given to maximize the interruptive value of the area’s past while creating a minimal impact on its future.

Through a close interaction with the Washington State Department of Natural Recourses, local Native American Tribes, and historians OSG was able to help the past spring to life.

Parking at the roadside parking area and walking past the canoe launch one begins to take a walk back in time. The nearly mile long walk to the nucleus of the park passes through a mossy forest canopy littered with wildlife and estuary views. A century old structure was relocated and revitalized. New timber framed structures were strategically placed among the hundreds of hand planted native species. Solar power was discreetly installed to power the remote park setting. Existing rail road irons were installed in integrally colored, rail road tie stamped, concrete sidewalks leading from past to present. Native American designs can be seen in the pavers adjoining full size dugout canoes recently hand crafted by a local artist. Strolling further down the many trails or sitting on the custom built boulder and cedar benches deer and seals can be seen passing the time. As eagles and seagulls sore overhead interpretive exhibits help tell the story of the sites past use. Without the explanation they provide few would recognize the fact the site was once Weyerhaeuser’s main log dump and ship loading facility. 

Through team work and an unwavering dedication to excellence a park was born.  

OSG Dozing is proud to have been a partner in so many people’s vision.